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The only way to save money is to make our engines working efficiently to give us more mileage. That is why we bring you a great fuel additive that can help us achieve just that. Order one today!
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A Intelligent Individual Transporter Having enough to take care of problems like rising COE prices of your vehicles, petrol-guzzling sedan car or walking under hot basking sun?
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PROTEC Petrol & Diesel Booster is a palm oil-based fuel additive which is formulated to restructure fuel molecules. The formulation restructures the molecules for greater efficiency during combustion.
Xtreme Lubricants Lab is a lubricant specialist with a strong research and development focus.
The Distribution Division offers a diverse range of lubricants, automotive diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and specialty chemical products.
We are established since 1985 and we are lubricant and petroleum related product trading company based in Singapore.
Our commitment to provide quality products at competitive price with emphasis on value added services is one of the key focus of our company’s philosophy.
We are the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company* and a world-class chemicals manufacturer.
TOHO UNIVERSE PTE LTD has committed to be the Premier Lubricant Manufacturer in the region by providing high quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction.
Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a dynamic organization expanding aggressively into the global market.
Every product recommended by our certified lubrication specialists are engineered and tested to meet or exceed the toughest performance standards.
Since its incorporation in 1985, Tat Petroleum has grown to become a key player in the distribution of petroleum-derived products in the Asia Pacific region
Established in the early 1950s, Seamaster Paint has grown from its humble origin to be the regions leading paint manufacturer today.
Sinopec Lubricant Company is the largest high-tier lubricant manufacturer and marketer in China with a production capacity of over 1.46million tons of packaged lubricants per year.
We have 17 years being in the automotive industry.
Peninsula Petroleum Ltd is a major physical bunker and lubricant supplier at the ports of Gibraltar, Ceuta, Canary Islands and Panama and is active as a worldwide trader.
Our Singapore operations will anchor itself ever more firmly as the company headquarters for Asia.
We are proud to say that we are the first and only Concept Shop of OWS in Singapore!
MSP owns the exclusive rights to a proprietary and revolutionary ‘Next Generation’ lubrication technology that can significantly reduce harmful exhaust pollutants while increasing fuel efficiency.
We challenge all industries and military services to use MSP with a warranty that their maintenance costs will be reduced by 65%.