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The SONAX NanoPolish Professional Grooming Centre is specifically designed to provide our customers a TOTAL EXPERIENCE. 

Extreme care is taken at all steps from the taking over your automobile by our service engineers to the handling over of your NanoPolished automobile in our specially designed, fully air-conditioned showroom to demonstrate the high quality finishes you deserve.

For our friends who prefer to see the transformation of their automobiles back to showroom condition, our cozy service lounge will help you to relax or perhaps do your work through our unlimited wireless broadband Internet services.

Our Customer service centre is specially designed just for the comfort of our customers.  Light refreshments and entertainment is fully provided to make your stay even more enjoyable. 

An exclusive outdoor patio is also available for those who wishes to take a breadth of fresh air and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Upon the completion of Nanopolish, you will be able to admire your freshly Nanopolished automobile at the comfort of the lounge in the cool relax environment.  A truly first class treatment to both you and your beloved automobile. 

You will be pleasantly surprise at the potential and the possibility of the shine that you car can give you!

Professional Services Applied

  • Bodywork SONAX Shampooing
  • Bodywork SONAX Clay Lackpeeling
  • SONAX NanoPro Surface Treatment
  • SONAX NanoPro Polish
  • SONAX NanoPro Hardwax Sealant
  • Clean and Freshen Windscreen
  • Interior Cleaning and Vacuum
  • Dressing for Bumpers
  • Dressing for External Trimmings & Tyre

Other Value added Services available:
Dashboard and Leather Protection
Steaming Services
Anti-Bacteria Misting Services
Upholstery Cleaning & Dressing

Paintwork Recovery and Restoration
Removal of Rain Spots (Water Marks)
Removal of Paint Spots
Removal of Sandblast Particles

Unlike others, we DO NOT charge extra for Black or White cars!

FREE Demonstrations on Nanopolish Technology will be provided by our friendly Customer Service Advisors.  Come see the difference for yourself! 

For appointment & sales enquiries :

Due to our strict commitment to our customers in delivering demanding standards and high quality finishes, the company has a daily limited NanoPolish capacity.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday

1000hrs to 1900hrs (Except Sundays & Public Holidays)

21 Toh Guan Road East
#03-01 Toh Guan Centre
Singapore 608609
Tel:(65) 67919979

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21 Toh Guan Road East #03-01 Toh Guan Centre Singapore 608609