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1 Woodlands Square Level 4, Causeway Point Carpark
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Car & Spa Grooming

Car & Spa Grooming is _disibledevent=838631">Car & Spa Grooming has gain every of its customer’s trust, satisfaction and smile.

Being enthusiastic, professional and approachable. Car & Spa Grooming is known for its excellent ‘blend’ and high level of expertise in the field of car detailing business within Singapore. Every Car & Spa Grooming’s client is usually request to provide feedback to us, so as to be assured that Car & Spa Grooming’s services are within or even excelling beyond our client’s expectation.

Below are the Services and Steps we provide for all of our satisfied customers -

1)  Polishing with 3 Steps:

     Lacquer, Wax and Sealant 
     (Remove Scratches, Watermark Prevention)
2)  Car Interior Sterilisation 
     (To Exterminate all Germs and Bacteria)
3)  Leather Care
     (Washing and Protection)
4)  Dashboard and Door Panel Protection
5)  Engine Wash and Polish
6)  Smoothen rough surfaces
     (e.g. Windsand, paint)

Our Address
        1 Woodlands Square
        Level 4, Causeway Point Carpark
         Tel: 68771280
       Operation Hours
       11.30am - 7.30pm
       Person In Charge
      Alvin Teh: 8183 1752


We Now Provide Mobile Polishing services right up to your home!
Feel Free to Consult Us for any Grooming Enquiries
We will be glad to be of Service to you.

Call Us now at 8183 1752.

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1 Woodlands Square Level 4, Causeway Point Carpark