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I love the automotive world, i started to really like them since im 15 years old.. and luckily at that time my father have a small private used car company, everytime i finish school that is the only place that i go until it closes...

i know all the tricks about appeciating cars, from discovering the damages of the car, as it's critical, and i never miss anything that is not right about the car. and always NAILED it...

sadly the company closed down at 2002, but nevertheless i learned everything for 4 years, from car appreciator, discovering the history of the car by carefully checking through out the car, exterior, interior, engine bay, etc.. 

knowing what's wrong with car from noises that it makes, from the engine bay, or from the suspensions, and even from the drive shaft, and everything that moves..

this is so addictive to me until now, i'm the only person that my friends and relatives call everytime they wanted to buy used cars , somehow i have a keen detailed eye for this special skill..

all of that was back in my home country, Jakarta, Indonesia...

I would like to find jobs that required this special skill that i have, but finding out, that i have no idea what it's called here in Singapore.. 

knowing nobody/companies that need this skill.. 

I would be the perfect guy to consult , if you are trying to buy a used car, or trying to sell your used car, what to look out for and how to cover it up...

as a car appreciator that help people buying a used car, i would be the perfect guy that the car seller would love to hate. if they are trying to trick you to buy a banged up car, or a car that are totally not worth the money they are offering.

Test me! to proof it.. 

i really like to know how high is my standard..