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Our Vision:

To be the undisputed global leader in land transport.

Our Mission:

To be the world’s number one land transport operator in terms of fleet size, profitability and growth within the next four to six years.

Our strategies for success:

1. To look beyond the horizon

Grow within our existing footprint and expand our global footprint
Solve problems which might limit the growth and efficiency of the Group in a prompt manner
Be innovative and open to new ideas and opportunities

2. To do the right things - right

Never take our eyes off the ball
Continuously redeploy people and assets to projects with greater value
Never be afraid to admit and learn from mistakes

3. To grow our talent base

By setting the performance bar above industry norms
By giving credit where credit is due
By not stinting on rewards

Our core values for guidance:

1. Results Orientation

    We will:

Set challenging and realistic goals
Focus on output
Identify and solve problems
Have a sense of urgency and ownership

2. Commitment
     We will:

Anticipate our customers’ needs and constantly upgrade ourselves to provide them with outstanding value and quality service
Reward our shareholders by delivering steady and sustainable results through growth in our core businesses
Care for our staff by providing a challenging environment with ample opportunities for growth and development
Continue to build on staff capabilities through effective recruitment, training and career planning, so as to develop their full potential
Promote teamwork, initiative and creativity
Stay committed to the authorities by upholding industry standards

3. Integrity and Ethics
     We will:
Conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards
Engage in fair and honest business practices
Show respect for each other, our customers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, the authorities and communities we operate in
Communicate in a factual, honest and prompt manner
Be open and transparent in our dealings


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Our registered head office is:-

ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited
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Singapore 579701

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