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Zenith Mobile Car Grooming has been established for 3 years and we have a group of Grooming Specialists who is ready to cater to your different car care needs.

What make us special? We are different from others as we provide services right to your door step, yes to your DOOR STEP, is that easy and convenient especially for busy people like you. We do not use machine for your grooming as machines tends to do a fast job but often leave marks or scratches, so what we emphasized is delicate care for your car...all is by hand and of course our products we used are of good quality as well...* you can check with our grooming specialist on products we used*

      So what you waiting for? Do call our Grooming Specialist to book your appointment today!

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* Customers quote seeing advertisement here will enjoyed a 10% discount...only valid for 1st time customers only* * Applicable to full car grooming only*