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Dear Customers

Our workshop are providing the following car care services:

  • Full range of Car Repair Services
  • Fault Codes and Engine Diagnostics
  • Customised Routine Servicing
  • Body/Paint Repairs Apart from the car care services, we carry car enhancement products, as follows:

          -Hurricane Drop-in Air Filter Aftermarket Drop-in Air Filters which is a direct replacement of original filters. benefit includes: a. Better Power Delivery, Acceleration b. Better Fuel Consumption c. Easy Maintenance d. Durable e. LTA Compliant.

          -Broquet Broquet the original Fuel Ctatlyst from UK. Benefits includes: a. Reduction in fuel consumption b. Reduction in exhaust emissions c. Increased engine power Conversion of leaded petrol engines to unleaded petrol (where applicable) d. Cleaner combustion chambers and components e. More Responsive engine f. LTA Compliant 

          -Sonax Car Care Products Germany Car Care Products that will suit your car s exterior and interior cleaning needs. a. Sonax Rim Cleaner b. Sonax Tyre Shine c. Sonax Car Shampoo d. Sonax Car Interior Cleaner e. Sonax Car Wax f. Sonax Car Sealant g. Sonax Leather Care h. Sonax Fabric Cleaner Germany Engine Additives that will improve and prevent your vehicle from harmful deposits. a. Sonax Engine Flush b. Sonax Engine Oil addictive c. Sonax Fuel injection cleaner d. Sonax Fuel Octane Power 

          -Perma Cool Auto-Transmission Thin Line Coolers Market leader in Transmission oil coolers. Benefit includes: h Extends life of transmission and fluid h Improves performance h Helps prevent radiator boil over h Compact 3/4-thick design is perfect for limited space applications We do carry models for different needs: a. 1011 Recommended for compact and small cars with occasional light towing. b. 1012 Recommended for medium and full-sized cars and light trucks with occasional light towing. c. 1013 Recommended for cars and trucks with regular towing and motor homes

          -Aftermarket Brake Pa                                      

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