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Premier Manufacturer of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)

SsangYong Motors (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 2002 after the sole distributorship rights was obtained from the SsangYong Motor, the premier manufacturer of sports utility vehicles (SUV) and recreational vehicles (RV). Founded in 1954, SsangYong Motor is making an all-out effort to manufacture premium products in leading 4X4 market. Since the 1990s, Mercedes-Benz AG has made a capital investment in SsangYong Motor to establish a strategic alliance and make cooperation in technologies, management and distribution. The technical affiliation embraced light commercial vehicles, diesel engines, luxury passenger cars, and gasoline engines. Through the technical and management innovations and the distribution channels that grew out of this alliance, SsangYong Motor had technological competence to develop vehicles employing advanced technologies and launch them in global markets.SsangYong Motors (S) Pte Ltd’s showroom was set up in Automobile Megamart. The opening ceremony in October 2002 also see the introduction of the Rexton 230 and Rexton 320 to Singapore. The vehicle is a 7 seater SUV and SsangYong Motor Company best selling model. Rexton's modern and refined styling coupled with technological advance brought a new life to the SUV market. Besides Rexton, Ssangyong Motors (S) Pte Ltd also featured the Chairman, a luxury passenger car that is appreciated by many. In September 2003, another model, the Korando, a compact 4WD SUV and Jeep was launched. Thereafter in Aug 2004, the much awaited Musso Sports shocked the car market. While it is categorised as a commercial vehicle in Singapore, the convenience of automatic transmission, spacious twin cabin, 4WD capability, ample deck space and the sporty look attracted many to use it for family, work and recreational purposes.

The Head Office, Spare Parts, Sales and Servicing of the SsangYong vehicles is presently located at 39 Defu Lane 12. This is also where the pre-delivery inspection and documentation are carried out. The company places strong emphasis on customer service as well as after sales support. SsangYong Motors currently has more than 20 staff working in the various departments and has strong future plans for the growth of the company.


Stavic Style

Setting a new standard for MPV Stylishness.

Luxury saloon sophistication has been integrated with SUV freedom and versatility.
SsangYong has reinvented the MPV by adding power, space and utility to a very comfortable and stylishly designed vehicle.

Rexton Style

Futuristic, Luxurious, Now that's style! Conceived by true artists, fashioned by true craftsmen. It's the ultimate fusion of diverse styles: luxurious, futuristic, handsomely rugged and sophiscated.Blending the muscular physique of an SUV with the elegant contours of a passenger car, the designers have created a sophisticated new look that's in tune with the times.

Musso Double Cab Style

Like any true classic, Musso's good and sporty looks are always in style.

 Muscular yet versatile, timeless yet contemporary, Musso's exterior is every inch the classic sport-utility but with enough personality to stand out from the 4x4 crowd. With a time-tested blend of brawn and beauty, Musso is one SUV whose rugged good looks never go out of fashion From its boldly integrated grille and bonnet to its windswept profile, and on to its purposeful rear presentation, Musso is raw SUV styling at its best. Viewed from any angle, Musso's handsome physique like any true classic is always in style. 
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