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( 10 cents and 20 cents coin sizes) without harming your original paint by massaging the metal back to its original condition.

Remove Dents in your car the Paintless Way, Great Cost Saving up to 80%, Maintained Original Paint Works, Maintained Car Re-sale value


Job Description: Paintless dents removal is performed by gently massaging the backside of the metal one tenth the size of an orange peel by using a specially designed tool to work the metal back into its original condition. PDR is a technology designed to remove small dents and dings. It is a system that attempts to restore metal from 80% to 99.9%. No metals once damaged can be restored to a perfect 100%.

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PDR process helps you to keep the original paint work of your car without having to re-spray by getting rid of unsightly dings and dents thereby maintaining the resale value of your car.

Average re-spray for a car cost you about $1000 to $2000 compare to a package deal of $300 for a complete dent removal job. Similarly, to re-spray a panel on a car cost average about $100 to $200 vs $35 to remove a dent.

How much does PDR cost ?

Size of Dents

Estimated Time


10 cents or 20 cents5 to 15 minutes

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Golf Ball or Dent on line20 to 30 mins
12 Dings coupon60 mins
20 - 30 dings2 hrs

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