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BEAUTY EXPRESS has been devoted to helping women from all walks of life rediscover their self-confidence and natural beauty through our specially formulated total body care beauty regime for the past 18 years. With the rapid advancement of technology, we are constantly upgrading ourselves to provide even better services, products and loyalty programmes for our customers.

Beauty Express success hinges on its continued emphasis on quality products and professional services since its establishment in 1987. Keeping up with technological advances requires not only substantial funds but heartfelt dedication and commitment on out part to customers’ satisfaction. Our facilities are first rate, while the array of sophisticated equipment used is right up there with the latest current technology can offer.

Eye Treatment

Firming Eye Contour Treatment
Get eyes that sparkle! An intensive eye contour treatment that helps to lighten dark eye circles and reduces visible wrinkles. The gentle massaging techniques aim to firm up loose and tired skin around the eye area for a brighter and fresher look. The eye treatment improves the skin elasticity around the eyes and enhances blood circulation to the eye area, giving your eyes that extra sparkle. Achieve a more even-toned eye contour, reduced eye bags, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.                

Effective for: Dark eye rings, eye bags                                                                                           Suitability: All skin types
Approx. 30 min

Ultrasonic Eye Treatment
The perfect solution to a brighter and toner eye contour area with the latest technology of ultrasonic. Aimed at counteracting tired, dark eye rings and unsightly crowfeet which are caused by lack of sleep and over-worked, the ultrasonic waves accelerate the effective lifting action of the liposome which smoothens and reduces wrinkles, revives aging and damages skin cells.

Effective for: Crowfeet, dark eye rings and puffy eye sacks                                                     Suitability: All skin types
Approx. 35 min

PPMTM Eye Contour Treatment
Our special lymphatic drainage eye treatment technique not _disibledevent=125922">skin tone around the eyes, banishing those ugly sagging bags.

Effective for: Sagging and wrinkled eye contour area, puffy eye bags and dark eye rings       
Suitability: All skin types
Approx. 40 min

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