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The new Reds and Jeric Salon hand-packed stylists translate ordinary cutting, perming, colouring and styling techniques into a refined art, elevating the finished look beyond the experience of trend-setting showmanship. Women are made to feel extra-special and pampered, through this much-deserved experience reflecting self-confidence in bringing out their natural beauty.

Hair Products


Specially formulated to leave hair soft, manageable and tangle- free. The primary function of this neutralizing shampoo is to eliminate any residual alkaline on the hair or scalp and restore the natural pH to freshly rebonded and chemical treated hair.

Net wt. 25.36 fl.oz.


Moisture replacement is vital for hair which is perm. Containing balsam plant acidic and combine polymer, ideal in providing moisture to stress hair serve as a moisture reservoir, the unique ME2 complex retention system. The ME2 complex will not only prevent moisture loss from hair but will help protect hair from high humidity conditions that cause frizziness. Curls are reshaped with great definition and shine. Hair feels hydrated but remains light with natural, healthy curls are revitalized.

Net wt. 25.36 fl.oz.

Special formulation Colour Stabiliser and UV-filter protect and seal coloured hair from fading. Gently cleanses colour treated hair with transparent serum colour molecules and D-panthenol which effectively retains hair colour intensity and soft. Also to remove dulling residues from the hair and unifying the surface of the hair fibre.

Net wt. 25.36 fl.oz.

Specially formulated with proteins and plants extracts to smooth the stress hair, balance moisture levels and control the frizzes. With amino acid and UV-filter for intensive regeneration of hair from within and protection of the hair

Net wt. 25.36 fl.oz.

This leave in treatment enhances your hair MOISTURE replacement and increases hair qualities. The exclusive BVP Pro V-Swiss formula made from herbal plant essence has double effect on extremely porousand sensitizes hair.

Net wt. 8.8 fl.oz.

This styling product is a must use for short and medium length.Spike it up, Mess up. Volume up or Sleek it. Anyway you want to impress. Just a little effort and make a difference.

Net wt. 2.2 fl.oz.


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