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Based on the belief that one could lose all their material possessions but never their self-confidence, The SPA-lon aims to build confidence in our customers to flaunt their new-found beauty.

Under close scrutiny of the media and public discussions about the beauty industry, The SPA-lon has stood firm in the market by adopting an honest and deliberate approach in building The-SPA-lon’s business model.

Premium quality products give the best results. Bioline Jato from Italy, Istrilene from Belgium , Vital Impact from USA and Talika from France are quality products used at The-SPA-lon.

These beauty and health products have won the recognition of our esteemed customers.



This simple observation gave rise to the basic principle of the Phytocéane face and body care range. To ensure that your skin remains radiant and beautiful, each Phytocéane product thoroughly moisturizes the epidermis before targeting the beauty problem you are concerned with.

Cleansed and perfectly moisturized, your epidermis is ready to receive the benefits of the specific, 100% natural, complementary ingredients particular to each Phytocéane face and body care line.



Belgian brand Istrilene has more than 70 different types of products. It is a popular brand in Europe especially among the women. The products include cleansers and toners, skin protection and nourishment creams and gels, oxygen
treatments, whitening products, cellestimulerende and body treatments.

Since its beginning, the Istrilene market has expanded from Belgium and Holland to Germany, Switzerland, United States of America, Canada, Middle East countries, as well as the Asia Pacific region. It has become a well-known international brand in the cosmetics industry.

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