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The brand name derives from and will exude the essence of its root that is lucidly expounded from the definitions:

   gosh!(int.) amazing!: amazing!, incredible!, I don't believe it!, go on!, well I never!, blow me down!, strike me dead!, did you ever!, gosh!, wow!, how about that!, bless my soul!, my word!, goodness gracious!, what next!, can you beat that!, never!*
GOSHZ! svelte and sexy silhouette

Cellulite: Woman’s Greatest Enemy
Try pinching your thighs, arms or buttocks. There is a high tendency to find an “orange peel” or “dimply” appearance. That’s cellulite - woman’s greatest enemy.

Most people refer to cellulite as the fatty deposits that form uneven, wrinkled, dimply skin that are commonly found on the thighs, hips, buttocks and arms of women.

Recent research has shown that almost 90% post adolescent women suffer from cellulite irregardless of body size.

Cellulite’s Nemesis: GOSHZ fat burner Slimming Cream
GOSHZ fat burner Slimming Cream is an innovative body treatment cream containing active botanical extract Capsicum and skin toning Organic Caffeine.

The synergy of these ingredients triggers the process, Thermogenesis- “tricking” the body into burning more body fat as well as inhibiting the fat production by enhancing body’s metabolism and blood circulation.

Within a month*, you can see diminished “orange-peel” appearance of the areas applied and achieve a smoother and firmer skin.

With natural GOSHZ fat burner Slimming Cream, you can achieve the svelte silhouette you have always dreamt of.

*Results vary from person to person
*Effects are more enhanced with regular exercise and sensible diet.

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