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The one-stop Halal shopping portal and service. Why "Halal"? : “Halal” means lawful in the eyes of the Islamic Law or Syariah. Thus "Halal" does not specifically for food only but includes items, services etc etc that is lawful or permitted for Muslim consumption or use. In the Quran the word “Halal” also is associated with the word “Toyyib” which means ‘good’.

Therefore all Halal products must also be good. The concept of Halal food/services/products is not only for Muslims, but is also germane to mankind in general. For Muslims, Halal food will mean food that has met the necessary religious requirements whilst for non-Muslims, it will mean food which is safe and wholesome for consumption the same goes to other services and products that has met the necessary religious requirements and good/beneficial to all users.

Products and / or Services

We provide lots of items such as Health & Skincare products, Gadgets, laptops, jewellery, foods Country furniture and the list keeps on growing.

Payment Method

We accept Payment Transfer/Internet Banking/Bank transfer. We only accept payments made in Singapore Dollars via Bank/Money Transfer to our POSB Savings Account for local and foriegn customer and PayPal for local customer only.

Delivery Method

EMS, Normal and Registered Mail (SingPost) or self collect.

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