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Promotion on France Ampoules Buy 10 box get $2 Off For Every Box....
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~*~ 1 Box for $16 (3ml per bottle)~*~
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This ampoules are Formulated in France.
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Feel free to e-mail Iris @ MSN @ or call me @ 9229 9404 for any enquiries...

~*~ Facial Ampoules - All Skin Types (3ml) ~*~
1)Collagen Ampoules - All skin types. Improve skin’s elasticity for a firmer, anti-aging skin. Can be used as a make-up base for a long lasting effect.
2)Firming Ampoules - All skin types. Restores elasticity, tightens and firms up saggy skin.
3)Vitamin C Ampoules - All skin types. Helps to refine pores, gives radiance and improve scars & marks.
4)Whitening Ampoules - All skin types especially pigmentation and freckles skin. Reduces dark melanin cells, giving a brighter and radiance look.
5)Trace Elements Ampoules (Moisture) - All skin types. Moisturizing treatment for especially dehydrated skin. Replenish high level of moisture, gives soft and supple touch to the skin.

~*~ Facial Ampoules - Sensitive & Dry Skin (3ml) ~*~
6)Azulen Ampoules - Dedicate and sensitive skin. Soothing effect to helps the skin recover its natural comfort and softness.

~*~ Facial Ampoules - Oily Skin (3ml) ~*~
7)Purifying Ampoules - Pimple, oily and acne skin. Rebalance the oil glands, control pimple and acne from breaks out. Calming and antiseptic effect.
8)Mandarine Ampoules - Pimple, oily and open pores skin. Minimizes pores, regulate oil sebum for a smoother and suppler look.

~*~ Eye Pouch Ampoules (3ml) ~*~
9)Eye Pouch Ampoules - Lifting of the eye. Helps to reduce fine wrinkles and prevent occurrence of premature ageing.
~*~Bust Ampoules (3ml) No Mix & Match~*~
Bust Ampoules - Regenerate and stimulate natural development of the delicate breast tissue  Not only enhancing breasts but also helps restructure elastic fibers enabling firmer, fuller volume of the bust  Moisturize and soften breast skin as well 
~*~Slimming Ampoules - $25.00 For 10 Bottles (10ml) No Mix & Match~*~
1)Thermo Active Ampoules (Body Slimming) - Slimming of the body  Treatment for localised cellulite and obesity through thermo therapy  Used over an extended period of time help prevent cellulite formation  Will have warm sensation after applying  Use together with the Body Firming Ampoules for better results
2)Body Firming Ampoules - Firming of the body. Tightens and firms up loose and saggy skin  Use together with the Thermo Active Ampoules for better results 
~*~Germany Sensual Ampoules - $20.00 for 10 bottles (3.8ml). No mix and match~*~


1. Hydrating - Anti-aging, enhance skin complex, moisturizing.

2. Lightening Ampoules - Whitening, clarifies dark spot, lighten pigment.

3. Beauty lifting - Strengthens skin elasticity and firmness of double cheek

4. Pure Vitamin C - Detoxfies the skin

5. Soothing - Diffuse redness, softening effects

6. Anti wrinkle - Improve skin texture, minimize fine liners

7. Eye care - Increase the hydration, reduce the wrinkles and fine line

8. Regenerating - Result in glowing complexion, smoother & softer

9. Purifying - Regulates excessive sebaceous section, antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin.

10. Beauty shine care - Improve skin texture and leave skin clear matt

11. Scar - Strengthen the epithelial structure

12. Collagen - Anti wrinkle complex, rehydrate, anti ageing, collagen and elastin strengthener.

13. Bust Care - For bust lifting action, restore elasticity

14. Tightening - Reducing the pores dilation

15. Oxygenerating - Rejuvenate and repair the skin aggressions

~*~Hair Serum Capsules - 25 pcs (1ml ea) at $8.00. 50 pcs at $12.00~*~

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Hair Serum Capsules - A leave-in serum to help protect and guard against split ends, making it feel stronger and softer.Apply only at the hair

Feel free to e-mail Iris @ MSN @ or call me @ 9229 9404 for any enquiries...
Hope to hear from uyou soon...