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Our Services

Student Facial (60 mins) $30.00 (10.30am – 5 pm only)

Deep Cleansing (60 mins) $48.00
A deeply relaxing facial to remove excess oil & unblock pores. Good for oily and acne prone skin

Rebalancing (90 mins)
A deep cleansing facial to restore skin texture, improve skin suppleness & smoothness.

Algae Cooling & Firming (90 mins)
Specially formulated to tone & remodel the face. Based on the redness soothing & detoxifying effect of seaweed.

Collagen Treatment (90 mins)
Pampering collagen treatment to reduce fine lines. Regenerate skin cells. Enhance hydration & skin elasticity.


Specialised Facial

Advanced Formula Skin Exfoliation $110.00
Using professionally formulated fruit acid & enzyme that effectively removes dead surface skin cells, clears fine lines, severely congested acne skin, inflamed pustular skin, whiteheads, blackheads, lightens pigmentation and controls sebum to achieve a smooth, clear complexion.

Multi-Vitamin POWER System
Achieve a 38.8% increase in skin renewal process. Contains essential skin vitamin of A,C,E,F & B5. Effectively reduces fine lines & pigmentation.

Environment Control System
To boost your skin’s immune system to protect, prevent & repair against the ravages of environmental assault.

Harmony Facial Lift
This skin repair and rejuvenation facial treatment uses magnetic wave to stimulate & promote cell regeneration. This therapy strengthens facial tissue fibre & reduces fine & deep facial lines.

Body Care ( *Ladies Only)

Indian Head Massage (30 mins) $28.00
Relieves tension & improve blood circulation on scalp and shoulder.

Bust Firming Treatment (60 mins)* $78.00

Increase elasticity & firmness of the skin tissues responsible for keeping the breasts firmly lifted.

Double Chin Neck Treatment (45 mins)* $50.00
Highly recommended for premature ageing, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Revitalises the neck area with enhanced firming and toning to enhance skin nourishment.

Back Treatment (45 mins)* $50.00

Soothing deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, lymphatic drainage massage and a back purifying mask.

Body Scrub (30 mins) *$40.00
Natural mineral ingredient applied to remove body’s dead cells. Followed by body lotion application
leaving you feeling rejuvenated & renewed.

TCM Relieving Back Massage (30 mins)* $38.00
Great energy booster! Back, shoulders & neck stress relieving TCM therapy.

TCM Inner Balance Body Massage (30 mins)* $55.00
Achieve inner balance with full body stress relieving TCM revitalising accupoint therapy.

Swedish Body Massage (60 mins) $65.00
Full body massage that tones the body, stimulates blood circulation, restores better flexibility & eases aching muscles.

Cellulite Body Treatment (60 mins)* $65.00
A deep tissue mechanical massage to break up fatty deposits & to help flush out toxins with lymphatic drainage massage.

LU LUR Aroma Body Massage (60 mins) $75.00
Professionally formulated Bali Spa Aroma system to enhance Aroma therapeutic benefits whilst the action of massage stimulates your body systems to reach the state of total relaxation & sense of well-being.

Seaweed Body Wrap* $50.00
Wonderful source of natural minerals in seaweed with thermal blanket wrap helps to detoxify, balances body’s hydration and circulation. You can achieve a firmer and glowing skin texture.


Ear Candling Therapy

Helps Relief :
* Excessive Ear Wax
* Physical Stress
* Aching / Itchy Ears
* Sleeplessness
* Hearing Loss
* Sinus Infection
* Nasal Congestion
* Swimmers Ear
* Migraine & Tension
* Face Contouring
* Lymphatic Congestion
* Water Retention

Ear Candling Therapy $35.00
Lymphatic drainage& facial mask. $60.00
Head & Face Meridian Acupressure $60.00


Eye Care

Eye Hydrating Treatment (45 mins) $40.00
Pampering eye hydrating treatment to reduce dryness & dehydration.

Eye Contour (45 mins) $50.00
Specialised treatment to help with puffy, tired eyes & fine lines using magnetic wave.

Eye Lash Perm $30.00


Body Waxing (Depilation)

Eye Brow $10
Upper Lip $ 10
Lip & Jaw-line $ 20
Lip & Chin $ 15

Underarm $ 15
Full Arm $ 35

Half Arm $ 20
Face (Side Chin & Forehead) $ 28
Bikini $ 25
Full Bikini $ 50

Full Leg $ 55
3 / 4 Leg $ 45

Half Leg $ 28

Upper Thigh $ 35

Back $ 40

Tummy/Chest consult


Additional S$5.00 for a SPA pedicure which includes:-

Sanitize soak, Jacuzzi pool for your leg, massage chair,

Scrub and many more… … …