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The DANNÉ Method of Natural Pharmacology And Skin Revision Treatment


Danné Montague-King is a scientifically proven, botanically based option and a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery, the DANNÉ Skin Revision System is noted for achieving astonishing results that include the removal of lines, acne, sun damaged skin, pigmentation, scarring and tightening of ageing skin.  With a scientific concept backed by its relation to basic anatomy, physiology and chemistry, THE DANNÉ CONCEPT: Remove - Rebuild – Protect – Maintain technique matches individual body chemistry with appropriate botanical formulations, professional salon treatments and home prescriptives.  Dr Danne Montague King has effectively matched the DANNÉ botanically formulated treatments to this chemistry as closely as possible, working with the skin as opposed to acting on the skin so as to provide the maximum ideal environment for healthy skin.





Nearly all signs of aging are seen as wrinkles, coarse, sagging skin and uneven skin tones, yet the skin on the breast or buttock areas of most 65-year-old males or females is relatively wrinkle-free and even in skin tone. These areas are protected from photo damage, other free radicals and damage from products that are not in sync with the skin’s chemistry. The face, back of the hands, neck and decollate are exposed to all of these invaders. The dead skin cells in these areas build up gradually as a “defensive armor” year after year. This dead and dying layer is still very much attached to the underlying younger cells known as “the hornified cuticle.” This excess cuticle can also lead to acne due to blockage of the secretive glands of the skin and eczema-like rashes due to the harboring of virus and fungus in the dead cell build up. To remove this build-up, Danné practitioners may perform a unique series of enzymic treatments. Enzymes, known as nature’s biological catalysts, perform many functions. They are capable of consuming billions of times their own weight in dead cell protein. Using reverse osmosis, some enzyme groups will go down into the skin tissues and clean out debris and gases surrounding new cells. Other groups passively exercise facial muscles and open up the vascular systems which bring new oxygen from within the body. Results of Danné enzyme treatments include tightening, toning and firming of the skin.  



Natural moisture in young skin depends on two secretive glands, and not “moisturizing creams.” These two glands are firstly, the sebaceous gland that supplies highly fractionated oil to the surface of the skin and, secondly, the suderiferous gland that supplies highly fractionated oil to the surface of the skin. These two secretions blend together and form our natural acid mantle, nature’s only real moisturizer. The Danné system imitates these secretions as the first step in rebuilding aging and dehydrated skin.



Free radicals from pollution, improper eating habits, cosmetics and over exposure to the sun are the main precursors of rapid aging. The Danné concept is unparalleled in providing protection from environmental factors with powerful, super antioxidants known as proanthacyanidines. A main key to the Danné cell protection system for nearly 30 years, these powerful protectors are complex organic plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks. Proanthacyanidines from the absorbable Vitamin C family, grape seed extracts, and other botanicals are important components of most Danné treatments and home prescriptives.



The physician or advanced therapist who performs Danné procedures will only seek to prescribe the proper home prescriptives according to the condition instead of the type of skin the patient or client has. All Danné home prescriptives are modified versions of the professional treatments and must be used on a daily basis for progressive results. Any other product used in combination with Danné formulas, no matter how innocuous, will abort and negate effects of the treatment.


Dr Danne Montague King - A Brief Biography

An accomplished writer and a tireless educator, Dr King’s articles are regularly published in magazines, journals and newspapers internationally.  He has also been invited to appear at numerous TV chat shows in the USA and UK such as Jeraldo and Oprah and has since hosted his own TV show in the USA entitled "Skin Deep".  Having received numerous accolades, he cites amongst his greatest of achievements, his contribution to the Black Skin research project where he received a special commendation from Zulu King Buthelezi at the Parliament House situated in Capetown.  Then, he had succeeded in helping many poor black patients with disfiguring skin conditions including facial pigmentation and scarring.  Today, DANNÉ treatments have been successfully used by celebrities including Roger Daltry, Tom Selleck, Cindy Crawford, Tippi Hedren, the Queen Noor of Jordan and golf icon Arnold Palmer. In Singapore, Dr. King has appeared on numerous magazines and newspapers, including TODAY and on the Morning Prime Time Show.