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Signature Ancient Honey Waxing can erase yours embarrassing feel on having a black hairy body.
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Cast your worries aside when it comes to waxing! Ayuni's have been providing waxing services for 10years. We specialize in brazilian waxing, and vcials.
Charme Nails extends its attention on nails to waxing, makeup as well as eyebrows.
All products for eyelash extension are made from korea and as for waxing product used are all premium quality creamy hot wax.
Using the latest Candela laser technology known as the GentleLASE, a revolutionary long-pulse, high-energy Alexandrite laser system, you can now remove those unwanted hair in a safe and effective way.
Laser works by emitting a specialized light that is passed through the skin and is preferentially absorbed by the hair root, thus damaging the hair follicle and removing the hair.
At Specialist Skin Clinic, we offer laser hair removal treatment. An upper lip and chin can be done in 5 minutes. Underarms or bikini lines usually take 10-15 minutes. Legs and back take longer.
Hair removal procedure is probably the only aesthetic procedure where efficacy and results are so dependent on the quality of the laser equipment used.
We are proud to offer a variety of revolutionary hair removal methods. Depending on the location, area, size and most importantly our patient’s expectations.
At Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic, we offer the following treatments for permanent hair reduction: Intense Pulsed Light & Skin Clear SRVH (Long pulsed 1064nm Nd yag laser).
At LS Aesthetic Pte Ltd, we use the Prowave hair removal technology or Laser Hair Removal for hair removal. We are committed to providing you with an improved quality of life.
Bare offers permanent hair removal services for men and women. We use advanced hair removal technology to deliver permanent results. You can also be assured of the highest standards.
Soprano®XL Hair Removal is a revolutionary system to remove unwanted hair that is virtually painless. This pain-free laser hair removal treatment is the next-generation of laser hair removal.
We use Super Hair Removal for Hair Removal in certain cases like ingrown hairs only these days. This is because a laser can reach deeper into ingrown hairs. But Collglide is painful.
You can say "BYE BYE" to unwanted hair forever in just 6 to 8 pain-free treatments. No more razor burn, ingrown hairs and time consuming nicks and cuts. They are history!
Women can enjoy smoother, hair-free areas from Laser Hair Removal. Future hair growth is curbed, and you’ll have no more worries and more time to do the things you love!
Ladyfinger is today’s new edge lifestyle nail spa offering high quality waxing treatment services and products. We take pride in providing excellent services that exceed customer’s expectations.
Waxing is the easiest and safest removal of unwanted hair. At FE The Nail Lounge, we offer a range of waxing services. Say goodbye to hair in those peculiar places.
At Aegean Spa, we provide professional and safe hair removal treatments at an affordable price. Some of our waxing services include Upper Lip Waxing, Underarm Waxing and Brazilian Wax.
Soteria Face And Nail offers a variety of waxing services ranging from chest wax, back wax to arm wax. Our hair removal wax technicians will apply the best methods of removing unwanted hair.