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The hallmark of BCNG Laser and Medical Aesthetics is a comprehensive medical aesthetics center with a full range of more than 9 types of lasers to address most treatable problems and all skin types. We work closely with our laser manufacturers to modify the laser to suit local skin types and treatment methods.

BCNG Laser and Medical Aesthetics imports our own specially-made lasers and skin products to deliver the best results for our patients.

At BCNG Laser & Medical Aesthetics, we have a whole array of Lasers to cater to different types of hair and skin-type! Even if you are of dark Asian skin-type, there is very little risk of burn or side effects as we use different Lasers for dark Asian skin-types and light-coloured Caucasian skin or fair Asian skin-type.

Laser is the latest technique in permanent hair reduction. The powerful yet gentle laser energy is absorbed by each hair shaft, resulting in the destruction of the hair as well as the bulge of the hair follicle. No other machines come close to Laser for this very purpose.

After a few sessions of Laser Hair Removal, the vast majority of patients will find that the hair growth becomes very sparse and new hairs are very fine, almost imperceptible. There is hardly the need to shave at all! And the effect is long-lasting.

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