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At MAYOORY Spa we are committed to providing age old traditional massages of Ayurveda in a spa setting. We take great pains to ensure that our clients enjoy a most personalized, highly beneficial and truly relaxing ayurvedic spa experience. At MAYOORY, we have developed an entire range of authentic ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation therapies designed to alleviate the effects of distress and sense of loss of control, inherent in the demands of our high-pressured performance-oriented lifestyle. Place yourself in our nurturing hands and we will develop for you a program customized to your individual constitution, particular needs and your specified goals, whether you are seeking relief from a long-standing chronic disorder or simply seeking to enhance and maintain good health.



SHIRO ABHYANGA   ( Head Massage)

The head houses all the important organs of the senses. This massage will provide nutrition to all the sensory organs and enhance their functions. It will also nourish the scalp, relieve headaches, promote luscious hair growth, prevent hair loss, remove wrinkles on the face and encourage restful sleep.

ALANGHARA MANJARI   (Scalp and Hair Treatment with Henna or Hibiscus)

Starts with a warm herbal oil massage of the scalp and hair. Henna or Hibiscus mixed with Ayurvedic herbs like betel-nut, gooseberry, soap nut and sandalwood are gently applied to prevent dandruff, hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Afoot Massage follows while you wait. This treatment is excellent for the insomniac, the over-worked and the over-stressed.( 45 Min $85)

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