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About Us

AngelSky8 is a one-stop Beauty, Hair, Spa and Slimming House, providing a wide range of body wellness services to take care of you from head to toe. Our well-trained therapists and beauticians serve with such care, gentleness and sweetness of an angel that makes you feel and look your best. We like to describe our dedicated therapists as our Angels. Hence, our name 'Angels from the Sky are here to aid (8) you'.

Through the trust we have built with our customers over the years, we have grown and expanded to include man's facial services at our centers.


Hair Care

5-Step Hair Treatment Carrot Hair Treatment
Caviar Hair Treatment Hair Blow
Hair Ceramic Perm Hair Colouring
Hair Digital Perm Hair Extensions
Hair Fashion Perm

Hair Highlighting

Hair Mp3 Treatment Hair Perm
Hair Rebonding Hair Scalp Treatment
Hair Setting Radio Frequency Hair Treatment
Hair Spa Treatment Hair Styling
Hair Straight Perm Hair Wash and Cut
Hair Wash and Blow

Protein Hair Treatment

Moisture Hair Treatment

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