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Labrador Park as many fondly remembers, was formerly the defence post of Singapore under the British colonial rule. These days, with the growing affluence in the world as well as Singapore, Labrador Park has been given a new lease of life, transforming it into an exclusive urban retreat amidst lush greenery.

Designed with the well-heeled in mind, this is one spa isolated enough from the public eye, to indulge in pampering of the senses. There is ample parking in the open-air public carpark. Be warned though, of a gradual uphill climb towards the resort spa.

Plush red velvet sofas, reminiscent of a flamboyant and vivacious spirit at heart, characterizes the side lounge area. It adds a touch of vitality and a cosy feel to the otherwise, bare walls. A unique blend of modern designer chairs and plush sofas which make up the main waiting area, may appear somewhat a confusing theme to patrons.   

Positioning itself to be a boutique spa, it has a rather limited capacity of 8 rooms and 14 beds, inclusive of single and couple rooms. Retaining much of the essence of the colonial house, it is not surprising that loud noise can infiltrate the thin walls to neighbouring rooms. Perched atop the Labrador Park was by no sheer coincidence. Although every room is affixed with an air-conditioner, yet the windows are left open to allow some fresh breeze in, for a close-to-nature experience.

Unlike the other spas with cramped and dark restrooms, patrons at this spa get to enjoy a restroom which is bright and neat, with lockers similar to those you can find at new gymnasiums. Otherwise, patrons can opt for the couple rooms with built-in jaccuzi and bathtubs.

Offering a range of services from facial treatment to waxing, slimming and hair treatment, Villa Raintree Resort Spa looks set to be a one-stop shop with the indulgent treatments for a pampering session. Busy executives with little time to spare for spa treatments may opt for the ultimate Borghese Body Care which has a one-time cleansing effect. Using ingredients of Italian origin, it is a premier treatment package encompassing sugar scrub, active mud for body and Raintree touch massage. The refreshing sugar scrub has a cool tingling sensation and was surprisingly smooth on the skin. As its name suggests, it does have an afterglow effect to your weary skin. To ensure a more effective treatment, your body is wrapped in cling plastic for insulation purposes in enabling the mud to do its works. The finale with the Raintree touch massage soothes the soul and mind for the hustle and bustle of city life.

Located near the Alexandra DistriPark, Villa Raintree Resort Spa provides a quick getaway from work for a short retreat with massage treatments in a simple set-up, within a colonial house. Accessibility poses no issue if one has private transport. Those keen for a hilltop experience in spa massages may consider visiting this spa.

Raintree Resort Spa

30 Labrador Villa Road (S)119189

tel : 63396833