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Body Treatments

Traditional / Swedish Massage (60mins)
Using a combination of various movements including friction, effleurage and kneading, this traditional method of massage loosens tight muscles, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation and improves overall skin and muscle tone. Pressure can range from very light to very firm.

Theraputic Massage (60mins)
A luxurious full body massage using essential oils introduced via the skin and senses. The ultimate massage experience for the balancing of mind, body and spirit.

Hot stones Massage (60mins)

Pre Natal Massage (60mins)

Ginger Massage (75mins)
A luxurious full body massage using olive oil followed by a pure ginger scrub. A towel will be wrapped around the body to release toxins and air. Ginger essential oil will be massaged on the body to close the pores and leave you feeling refreshed.

Moya Therapy Spa (20mins)
A blend of hydrosoluble essential oils are added to a warm bath to soothe the skin and relieve stress while the aroma affects the nervous and limbic system for total relaxation.

Back Relaxation Get Away Mask (40mins)
This massage focuses on just the back area. Using jasmine riu scrub or green tea scrub with milk bath mask, it helps to draw toxin from the skin surface, tighten the pores as it cleans and retain skin's moisture

Anti-Stress Back Pamper (20mins)
For a quicky, this massage focuses on just the back area. It helps to relieve stress and soothe muscle soreness, aches and pain.

Herbal steam (10-15mins)

Tummy Trimming ~Anti Cellulite (45mins)
Treatment starts off with a steambath followed by a cellulite scrub massage to break water-retention using slimming gel and ampoules. A hot mask and firming gel will be finally applied.

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