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Basic Essence is a holistic Spa, new age shop & alternative healing centre located in Singapore dedicated to the promotion of total well-being for health, beauty and personal growth.

In this place, you are surrounded by the beauty and energy of nature. 

We offer our customers complete holistic wellness support - from spa to natural beauty therapies, massages to yoga classes, to a full array of aromatherapy oils, lotions, bath products, crystals, candles, incense, relaxation & meditation CDs, self-help & metaphysical  books,  tibetan crafts & wellness products.  We also provide _disibledevent="/Beauty/Massage-Spa/ad-58035/">workshops for personal & spiritual development.

This centre is an opportunity for us to contribute and explore our own potential.  To renew and strengthen our connection with the divine energies of Great Earth Mother, and that we will honor ourself and her through our explorations.  By honoring her gifts to us, we honor the Mother.  By honoring our personal gifts and power, we learn to honor others.

As we walk our path, we dedicate it for the highest good of all concerned and we honor the Earth Mother in all her beauty and power.

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