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Behjaphan Thai Herba Spa offers you a wide range of spa and beauty treatments set
within the ambience of a typical Thai Spa. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy every moment
with us and you are therefore invited to unwind and relax in our lounge, both before and/or
after your treatment. Sit back and enjoy a quiet read from our selection of books and magazines,
talk to your friends, guests or our friendly, specially selected staff or simply lie back and listen
to our soothing musical CDs. If you wish, you can enjoy a tea, coffee or herbal drink with our compliments.

To enhance your spa experience, we suggest that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment commences.

Being in a rush will detract from the experience and these few minutes will give you time to relax, so that you are ready for, and thoroughly enjoy, your treatment. All our spa treatment timings shown below are approximate and prices indicated are on a per person basis only.

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559, Bukit Timah Road, #03-02, King's Arcade, Sing