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Hello my name is Geraldine,
Do you have any friends who wants to lose or gain weight or want to improve on skin care condition or to build more muscles mass ?
can u introduce all to me?
We are a listed weight and health management company in NYSE and we have been in the market for 28 years over 70 country and more than 60 million satisfied
consumers around the World. With all this we are THE LEADER IN THE WELLNESS INDUSTRY!
we have a support medical term to help people to lose or gain weigh healthy
without spending extra money.
you can email me
Thank you and have a nice day.
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my another wellness personal coach she's a nurse in taiwan before.
she has help lots of people to lose & gain weight granrantee !
she has lost 6-kg in 3-months (jun-aug 2008)and her body fats reduced by 7%
her long slightness & Bladder problem got better.

or (莫莫)