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Company Profile

arvato is a leading international service provider of customized global outsourcing solutions for both national and global enterprises. We have been supporting clients with outsourced logistics, fulfillment and customer care solutions for more than 50 years, setting the highest standards for service quality every day.

Founded in 1959 to provide services for publishing houses, arvato now counts established enterprises from the high tech, media, automotive, travel, and financial service industries among our esteemed clients.

Our cutting-edge technology, passion and commitment to high quality and innovation have enabled us to consistently deliver unparalleled products and services. Our ISO certification further deepens this commitment to all our clients.

Content Management

Information is at the core of your business. In our information-driven economy, the success of your business is increasingly defined by how effectively and efficiently you capture, create, manage and deliver information. At arvato, we help you achieve management efficiency and operation effectiveness through intelligent solutions that not only collect data, but also professionally manage, process, properly allocate and store them in a broad range of media. Additionally, we develop cross-media publishing solutions that cater for a wide range of media.


▪ Content import

▪ Authoring

▪ Scanning & OCR

▪ Data normalisation

▪ Semantic structuring

▪ Desktop publishing

▪ Information storage &


▪ Versioning

▪ Indexing

▪ Meta data enrichment

▪ Search

▪ Workflow

▪ Document life cycle


▪ Content packaging

▪ Translation

▪ Localisation

▪ Personalisation

▪ Digital rights


▪ Data selection

▪ Release

▪ Layouting

▪ Mastering

▪ Data encryption

▪ Data presentation

  (CD, print & online)

We are always happy to hear from you. Please email us to request for more information about arvato or to have a salesperson contact you.

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