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Sign Consulting, Design and Planning Services

Our signage design and consultancy team employs the latest in computer aided design tools to assist clients in the visualization of the preliminary perspectives. These drawings provide clients with an 'artist's impression' of how our system could complement any given environment. Upon acceptance of our designs proposal, our in-house design & engineering team takes over, with the expertise to create good detailing on technical and construction drawings and obtaining professional engineering certification from other relevant approving authorities.

Sign Engineering and Manufacturing

We use proven production techniques in the manufacturing process. To improve production efficiency as well as maintaining our high standards of product quality, new technologies and materials are introduced at every opportunity. All materials used in the manufacture of signage are subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and cost effectiveness.

Sign Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Gleason's installation experience and capacity ranges from small architectural signage to large roof top signs. Gleason also has the technical expertise and know-how to install virtually all kinds of signage, and if necessary will coordinate the use of specialised equipment such as cranes, scaffolding, digging machines, basin chairs, scissors lifts, cherry pickers, etc. For supporting services, Gleason also carries out sign maintenance and repair for all types of signages.

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