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Checkmate Data Services Pte Ltd

We Offer Service, Data Entry Services, Business Process Outsourcing

At Checkmate, we specialize in outsourced data entry and business process outsourcing services.

We coordinates, organizes, input and convert paper based data and delivers information back to clients in an electronic format.

Providing outsourcing services spanning project design and management, coupled with technical and human resources to enable efficient conversion of physical data into readily accessible formats.

When your company hires Checkmate, we will develop a service plan to enable efficient data entry / document processing of physical data. Through meticulous project management, coupled with technical and human resources for your specific business process outsourcing projects requirements, we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction for our clients as being a valued outsourced vendor.

Checkmate combines together traditional data entry, business process outsourcing services, flexible staffing levels, and advanced state-of-the-art data processing technologies that brings to you a outsourced solution that will get the job done faster, with less hassles, and within budget

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