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What Chubb Offers

Chubb, as a total fire and security solutions provider, delivers some of the most comprehensive and flexible integrated fire and security solutions in the market today. With our wealth of resources and expertise, Chubb is able to draw on our experience in engineering, product testing, personnel development and training to provide seamless coverage for our clients and meet today's ever-changing security demands.


Chubb combines various elements of electronic security — such as digital CCTV, access control, sensors and report systems — to form Integrated Security Management Systems that cover a whole array of security requirements.  


Tried, tested, and proven by leading certifying authorities in the business, Chubb products cater to every required level of security, from small-capacity home safes to large industrial-strength safes for businesses. We also supply a variety of fire-resistant cabinets for the secure storage of documents and electronic media, effectively minimizing the loss of valuable information should a fire strike.    


A forerunner in the fire safety industry, Chubb is well established to offer effective, reliable, and professional end-to-end fire detection and protection services to suit a wide range of security and safety needs. Together with our clients, we map out fire safety procedures and fire drills to help minimize damage and maximize safety. 


Acting as a link between electronic security systems, fire protection systems and security personnel activities, our monitoring services, which include intelligent monitoring of installed systems and coordination of appropriate responses to alarm calls, are designed to provide maximum protection to people and properties with the utmost efficiency around-the-clock.


Chubb Security Personnel is one of the market leaders with a highly diverse guarding operation in Singapore. We assemble security personnel into teams that are tailor-made to complement your integrated security plan.  


With significant expertise and intimate knowledge of the security industry in Singapore, Chubb is well positioned and dedicated to provide a solid foundation of security knowledge and skills to security personnel and professionals who wish to upgrade their skills to meet the challenges of the security industry

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