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Trinity Arts Gallery Geomancy Astrology

 Master Chng , the founder of Trinity Arts, believes fengshui is an ancient science, and this is knowledge that can be acquired. It is not supernatural and as such it can be written and can be learnt.
 In the course of leaning fengshui, Master Chng has consulted with and learnt from many Masters. Yet, in his view, this is not sufficient. Master Chng has therefore travelled extensively to do research of many renowned people in different countries - understanding their successes and failures. Master Chng, has also experimented with many methods of fengshui in order to learn the effectiveness and the truth of these methods and which to apply on different geographic locations.
 Feng Shui involves no guesswork, and Master Chng's knowledge has benefited many individuals and corporate companies in the fields of manufacturing, architecture and interior design, trading, banks and reacreational resorts both locally and internationally. Master Chng also holds seminars and talks to share his knowledge and experience. He was also featured in Asia Week - Chinese Edition previously - click here to read extracts of the article.

Geomancy or FengShui, is an ancient culture of the Chinese. It is the culture of society and economics, the embodiment of a cultural stability that has passed down from generation thru generation.

Fengshui is the theatrical study of geography, which includes orientation, time, space and the environment. It is the study of universal phenomenon. Feng Shui can be a topic of lifelong learning for charting energies in your home, office, or the external environment.


Discreet, accurate and at a fraction of normal costs!

When you make an online purchase for our forecast and consultancy services, you have the assurance of a more cost-effective and discreet method of finding out about your life and what lies ahead.


Apart from our online consultancy services, we provide On-site Fengshui consultation
of new and existing premises for:

Residential Properties
Commercial Offices & Buildings
Industrial Buildings and Sites
Death Dwelling premises
Other consultation services include:
Overseas Consultation
Interior design with Fengshui
Fengshui courses and research trips
Advice in selecting property

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