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Exploring Past Wisdom With Today's Technology
To "behold all forms and states of the world, to listen to the sentiments and voices of all people".

Exploring Past Wisdom With Today's Technology

It is interesting to note that modern computer technology has an intimate kinship with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Yi-Jing (Book of Changes). The core underlying phenomenon that makes modern computer technology possible is the dual polarity of matter; a binary scheme of things that has been expounded in Yi-Jing thousands of years ago. From the Wu-Ji (2 power of 0), the Lian-Yi (2 power of 1), the Si-Xian (2 power of 2), the Ba-Gua (2 power of 3) to the 64-Gua (2 power of 6), the binary system finds its way as the underlying mechanism whose rich ramifications explain the operational principles of these fields. Such an elegant coincidence between a modern ubiquitous technology and an ancient body of knowledge has rekindled immense interest in researchers of ancient culture.

To some people, the cultural heritage of ancient thinkers and philosophers is old and irrelevant. However, it is not at all obsolete. Its all encompassing content serves as a rich and time proven syllabus for instilling a spirit of community and service in modern people today. Modern computers, an omnipresent artifact that saturates the modern civilized society, are in a unique position to don an ancient culture with new outlook; to bring spiritual richness into daily life. An integration of these two seemingly orthogonal intellectual domains heralds a new era in the exploration of ancient wisdom and philosophy with modern technology; and in the explication of the unknown of the modern world with ancient intellect.

The Decision to Set Up E9 Millennium

As we march into a new millennium, the challenges and pressure of a new era nit themselves into the fabric of our lives. How does one strive for a balance in spirit? How does one raise one's emotional intelligence? How does one maintain peace and tranquillity in one's mind and body? These are concerns of both the individual and the society. With years of practical experience with people, it has brought upon me that this ancient body of knowledge could be a key for unlocking our newfound problems. Thus, I set up the E9 Millennium with the sincere hope that it will help you as much as it has helped me.

As a Chinese proverb goes: "That there are heavens beyond heaven, and people beyond people", it is my conviction that new heights of revelation could be achieved in this new millennium. Thus, I believe that this profound body of knowledge should be explored with a fresh and meticulous mind. Thus, a niche is born whereupon I have the privilege to erect this web site, the E9 Millennium, to "behold all forms and states of the world, to listen to the sentiments and voices of all people".