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IFS Capital Limited ("IFS") is an established financial services group involved in factoring, financing, venture capital and private equity investments.  The Group also provides credit insurance, bonds and guarantees.

Incorporated in Singapore in 1987, the company was listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in July 1993.  IFS also has operations in Indonesia and Thailand.

Trade Financing

Factoring is a well-established means of providing companies with working capital. Very simply, our clients assign their accounts receivables to us in return for a cash advance of up to 90%. We undertake the task of collecting the receivables as and when they fall due and keep our clients informed of their account status. Not only does this service help our clients to increase their turnover, it also relieves them of the time-consuming tasks of sales ledgering and credit management.

Types of Factoring
IFS offers a full range of factoring services, including:

  • Domestic Factoring: cash advances of up to 90% against your domestic receivables.

  • Export Factoring: cash advances of up to 90% against your overseas invoices.

  • Non-Recourse Factoring: factoring with credit insurance against bad debts.  IFS will bear the risk should your debtors default on payment.

  • With Recourse Factoring: factoring without credit insurance.

  • Cross Border Factoring: factoring for clients and debtors located overseas.

Asset Based Financing

Hire Purchase / Leasing / Machinery Loans
Clients can acquire capital assets that are needed to expand their production capacity via hire purchase, leasing or machinery loans. Financing is up to 90% of the asset value.

Mortgage Loans ( For Industrial and Commercial Properties)
Working capital loan secured by property mortgages.

Shipping Loans
For clients involved in vessel construction and ownership, and ship management.  

Other Financial Solutions

Credit Insurance and Bonds and Guarantees
We are able to bundle our services along with our wholly-owned subsidiary
ECICS Limited which provides credit insurance and bonds and guarantees.   

Structured Finance
Syndicated loans, mezzanine capital, acquisition finance and private equity finance through our wholly-owned subsidiary IFS Capital Assets Private Limited.
Contract Financing
We provide this facility when our clients have firm contracts but lack the funds to execute orders. Financing is available for all stages of production; from the purchase of raw materials to manufacturing to shipment of goods.

Mortgage Loans Secured by Shares
We provide attractive financing against stocks and shares based on current market value. Financing can be obtained in Singapore Dollars or foreign currency. A revolving credit line can also be arranged.

Financing for Overseas Operations
Companies thinking of expanding overseas will appreciate other services available at IFS such as the financing of equipment used overseas as well as funding of equipment loans denominated in foreign currencies.
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