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Hello Friends,

I can help in easing your daily jobs using software. No matter what is ur existing application or job, software always have a solution to reduce your workload for which they are meant for...

I am good at writing scripts or commonly called Macros which helps in automation of office works. I can help in automating works using Macros/VBA and .NET Programming

If you use Microsoft Excel or Access or Word or PowerPoint or whatever software
Don’t spend time on doing routine and repeated task.

Automate these works (routine and repeated tasks) with Macros (just by a button click or a key stroke or by selecting a menu)

Macros work for these softwares listed below. But dont worry, if you want an entirely different software, we can write it from scratch with all and only the features you need for your job...

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft FrontPage
And many more!!!

Use the Automation feature of Microsoft Office through VBA and .NET Programming.

· Increased Productivity and efficiency

· Significantly reduce time creating formatting, modifying and printing office applications

· Plan and build powerful databases to store and manage complex information with a template from script

· Organize, manipulate, and analyze numerical data in just a button click or a key stroke!

· Create charts and pivot tables from your Excel data in a menu click or periodically or at a specified time.

· Save time and effort by exchanging data between applications like excel, outlook, word, PowerPoint quickly and easily with Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange

· Create impressive multimedia presentations supported with Microsoft Character agents.

· Design, edit, and publish newsletters, brochures, Web pages, and more from a template.

· Efficiently organize your time and facilitate effective communication

Please find some time to drop me an email if you have interest in automation of your office works.

Thank you, please contact me at