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About Us

As a marketing communications agency, we are not merely graphics people or writers. We are a team of professionals dedicated to making your marketing collateral achieve industrial success. We do that by providing each project with the correct balance of:

INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE, with a team having a combined industrial experience of more than ten years.

GREYMATTER, so that you look refreshing.

TECHNICAL FAMILIARITY, so that you avoid pitfalls.

COST SENSITIVITY, in order to keep your wallets stuffed.

INSOMIA, just for those extra hours to rush out the most urgent projects and schedules.

Our Services Include:


• Strategic Planing & Conceptualization

• Corporate Identity Development

• Copywriting

• Graphic Design & Illustration


• Print Ads

• Brochure, Flyers, Booklets & Catalogues

• Menus

• HTML Emailers

• Retail Graphics

• Packaging Design

• Annual Reports

• Web Design & Development

• Multimedia Presentations

• Corporate Greeting Cards

• Renovation of Office Space

Besides design and layout, several other elements may be required to complete a communications project. For your convenience and efficiency, we are also able to offer the following services:

• Copy-Writing Services

• Photography Session

• Distribution of Flyers

With our extensive contacts across different industries, we could assist you with special requests. Do not hesitate to discuss with us should you have a special project in mind.

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