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JD Technology

We maintain our position as a leader in the promotional products industry because we anticipate the future and recognise the inevitability of change. However at JD, one thing remains constant and that is our focus on guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our corporate formula is simply stated - our customers always come first! We are proud of how we have re-shaped JD and the resultant success we have achieved. We guard our leadership position zealously by maintaining our traditionally high standards for superior quality and world class customer service. You can count on us for ideas, opportunities and inspiration.

We know how important your logo or advertising message is.

The quality of the finished item depends on how good the original artwork we received.

We work together with you to achieve the best reproduction of your logo and we carry out the printing using the most suitable technology.

We have the necessary printing equipment in our partner factories and more importantly, we possess the knowledge required to ensure that your logo is correctly utilised and that an excellent finished item is the result.
~ Your logo or text
  When creating your design it is important to remember that small typefaces can cause problems when printed on certain products. Particularly products with a coarser surface structure.
~ Colour
  Specify the printing colour as clearly as possible by supplying a Pantone colour. Where this is not possible, send your best letterhead or brochure containing your logo, by express courier. The Pantone colour requested by you will be approximated as closely as possible. Printing on darker items or black backgrounds can result in slight colour deviation. On metal items we approximate the requested PMS colour as closely as possible, however our choice of colour is more limited here.
~ Printing proof / approval sample
  10 days to 15 days after receiving your order we will send you a printing proof. Please examine this carefully for any printing or style errors, as the final printing process will be initiated after we receive your approval on this proof.
~ Printing and set-up costs
  The printing and the set-up price per colour are stated separately with each item. This should be added to the item price to arrive at the actual price. Set-up costs are incurred for typesetting and setting up the printing machines. These are also charged per colour.
How to supply us with your text or logo for printing
~ Supplying your logo digitally
  You can provide us with your files via e-mail, floppy disk or cd-rom.
If you use floppy disk or cd-rom we advise that you also send a paper copy.Please always supply us a copy of your logo in PC format .jpg, .tif or .pdf for viewing only.
~ Supplying your logo on paper
  If you are unable to use digital means you can send us your logo on paper.
In such a case, we always ask for a clean, good quality business card or letterhead.
Also specify if possible the colour reference(s) of your logo.
For text without a logo, you can also send a fax but please indicate the specific typeface to be used.