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At Turbo Print, we use only these original inks designed for our XL+ printer  and HP Designjet 5500 Printers to ensures continual, optimized operation and utilization of our equipment.

Every experience printer should know that ink can make or break a job. Even top machines will only perform at their best if you have chosen the right ink.  At the same time, the competitive market we operate in demands that we do just that.

Convinced that having the best quality is the way to go?  Don't settle for anything lesser, call us today for assistance @ 6 848 8819 or email to!

* VisionInk are tested at Scitex Vision's ink laboratories in accordance with ASTM D2565-99 standard.  Testing is implemented using a variety of frequently used substrates. Durability data published here is based upon these tests and relates only to the ink and media used for testing.
  • VisionInk Supreme inks are top-of-the line inks exclusively developed for Scitex Vision printing systems– for highly demanding and value-added applications.