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An ISO printer with all the right services

We are an offset printing company, established in 1988 and have grow steadily in business and print capacity ever since. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certificate achiever, we work towards quality assurance to gain customer satisfaction. Quality control is practiced at every stage of production, instilling awareness of quality among all members.

For the past years, we have ridden the crest of technology evolvement in the print industry, constantly improving and upgrading our operations to provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative printing solutions.

We are here to serve you with all of your traditional printing needs as well as to offer you valuable information regarding the constantly changing format of the printing industry. Throughout the years, we have demonstrated a remarkable ability to serve our clients with sincerity and commit to provide them with top quality products. The understanding of the needs of our clients makes us an indispensable partner for the success and growth of their business.

Multiplicity for diversified vast industries

We provide full range of service of:

-Identification tags
- Wrapping & packaging
- Brochure & folder
- Catalogue & manual
- Newsletter & annual report
- Book & magazine
-Poster & commercial display
-Mailer & Menu
-Corporate stationery

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