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Posted by Investigations & Surveillance International Pte Ltd
2 Jurong East Street 21, #04-A3, IMM Building, Singapore 609601
Contact No. 6899 8530
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Investigation and Surveillance International Pte Ltd
2 Jurong East Street 21, #04-A3, IMM Building, Singapore 609601
6899 8530 (24 hours hotline)

Reliable & Confidential | Friendly Service | Professional Expertise


Day & Night Surveillance: Photos, Videos, Reports     
Electronic Debugging: Phone - Offices, Homes, Computers, Facsimiles,  Vehicles, etc.     
Marital & Domestic: Divorce-Child Custody-Separation     
Employee Theft Investigations     
Missing Persons Located: Spouse, Children, Witnesses, Bad Debtors, etc.     
Insurance Investigations     
Patent,Trademark,Copyright Investigations     
Extensive Background Checks on: Persons, Businesses, Multinational Corporations     
Loss of Contracts or Tenders     
Hidden Offshore & Onshore Assets Located     
Fraudulent Business Deals     
Harassment,Threats, Nuisance Calls, Blackmail    
Counter Industrial Espionage     
Voice/Handwriting/Fingerprinting/Lie Detection - Forensic Investigations     
Business Losses Due to Slander     
Undercover Operations     
Malpractices by Professionals     
Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Liquidation    
Unfair Competition     
Leakage of Trade Secrets Investigated     
Defamation & Slander     
Security Guards Provided     
Closed Circuit T.V. Systems

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Jurong East
2 Jurong East Street 21, #04-A3, IMM Building, Singapore 609601