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At Graham-Nguyen and Associates, we have more than 10 years experience helping people study in and migrate to Australia.  One of the best ways of finding a job in Australia or obtaining PR to live in Australia is to first obtain a degree or diploma from an Australian school. 

Australia offers one of the finest and best regulated education systems in the world.  The Education Services of Overseas Student Act was introduced to protect the rights of  foreign students and ensure that they receive value for money.  

At Graham-Nguyen & Associates we can provide enrollment in any course you choose, such as Nursing, IT, Business, Engineering, Hospitality/Tourism, Culinary Arts and many many more.  Whatever you want to study we can help you. 

We represent schools right across Australia offering a range of options for your chosen course.  We also offer full visa services.  From the time that you select your course we will manage everything else for you.

Most importantly, you pay us no agency fees.  Only pay the charges levied by your chosen school and by the Australian Government for obtaining your student visa. 

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