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Ametrine Jewellery

We provide :

Modern creations specially handcrafted by experienced craftsmen from Hong Kong with more than 30 years of experience.

Wide selection of Diamond, Gems, Precious Stones and pearls, etc.

Custom made order for jewellery items.

Revitalizing of old jewelleries with free design 

Ametrine Jewellery is a heritage of hard work and tradition. Today, just as it was thirty years ago, every single piece produced at our workshop demands experience, attention and passion. In other words, our products convey the spinit and character of the Ametrine legacy.

Having a team of versatile designers and craftsmen also means that our jewellery designs and diverse and wide-ranging. Whether you are looking for a Victorian style sapphire brooch or a pair of Chandelier diamond earrings, there is something for everyone.

Our craftsmen are also particularly adept at producing filigree pieces - a skill perfected by few. Such an art requires fine execution, expertise and above all, patience. The result is an elegant work of art that often turns into a conversation topic.

Ametrine Jewellery also accepts customized orders from corporate customers. Our customer service staff will proceed to understand the needs and objectives of the customer before proposing various items within the customer's budget.

Drop us an e-mail : ametrinejewellery for more details.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road,#02-54 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179

ph: 64677525