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ArtesianWell offers top quality oil and acrylic paintings with Deep Texture at the most affordable prices.
We're Offering HIGH PRICES for old liqour like Hennessy , Cordon Bleu, Louis XIII Martell Cordon Bleu and XO. Do you have any? Call 96325539 joe now!!
陈亿成大师精研风水堪舆数十年,尽心尽力致力于先师传授的传统玄学理论智慧,以及风水奥秘的精华典故传释理论精髓,其中蕴藏包括风水术,阴阳五行,八字命理, 太极八卦,测算奇术 ,术数中的环境玄学,精习紫微斗数等等. 陈亿成大师在1997年拜著名起缘风水命理教授为师,不断在实践中求新求变,将古代的风水奇术观点和现代化融为一体.在2007年开创互联网旧名亿成晶品.如今改为亿成风水的创新局面,提供专业风水服
Eagle's Eye Art Gallery is located at the heart of the city, in a classic Victorian building- Stamford House. Within this cheery gallery, an array of paintings hang snugly on the champagne-coloured w
RePLiCa RoLex Daytona Chronograph Men's watch $348
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1948 SELANGOR BIGSWEEP TICKET S$488 One piece authentic big sweep ticket issued by Yoong Yoong Club forSelangor Horse race in 1948. The ticket is in AUNC condition. Adefinite potential at Sotheby&rsq
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AnTique StreeT PeDDLer’s MobiLe CabiNeT $788 Only your grandparents, or old folks age 65 & above will know what apparatus this is. It is a street peddler’s mobile drinks & tobacco
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My name is Noor,welcome to my house, Welcome to the Borobudur temple The world wonder that forgotten, Center of culture,tourism, a center of art and history and one of the icons of tourism in Java an
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Many types of original steel and sapphire needle for gramophone.Steel needle is for any hand wind gramophone use, and sapphire tip needle is for light weight electric gramophone use.Price range from S
100% working condition, can arrange to view and listen to the sound quality. selling S$1700. call 9878 1298 for more infomation.
Limited collection Ma Nao Mahjong Set. If you have any enquiry please feel free to contact Andy at 91146576. Website: www.shp88.com Email: sales@shp88.com
Rare VinTage Porcelain Hand ScuLpTure
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Li Fine Art Gallery your personal art consultant Singapore Scenes Price quoted without frame. We can arrange for framing if needed. At Li Fine Art Gallery Singapore our goal is to assist fine art col
AporcelainBhaisajyaguru Buddha Dimensions:14 inches (Height) Price: SGD$400 (negotiable) 藥師佛像 尺寸:14寸(高) 價錢:SGD$400 (可洽談)
Private collection of Chinese/Oil paintings for sale. Some paintings come with original frames.These paintings have been with me for more than 20 years. I also have some porcelain, jade, woodcurving,
Discount up to 40% >>>Get it now ...While stock last Any enquiries do not hesitate to e-mail us: antiquestuffs@yahoo.com.sg
A Qing-dynasty style, wood crafted artwork with flower motifs, and coated with gold paint. It is a symbol of prosperity. Dimensions: 21 inches (Height), 11 inches (Width) Price: SGD$420 (negotiable)
A pair of Silver Treasure Vases, carved with dragon motifs. Dimensions:5.5 inches (Height),3.5 inches (Width) Price: SGD$1200/pair (negotiable) 一對純銀制造的寶瓶,刻上精致的飛龍。 尺寸:5.5寸(高),3.5寸(寬) 價錢:SGD$1200/對 (可洽
We Are Willing to Offer High Pricefor Antique Chinese Painting and Calligraphy etc.本公司愿高价收购古、近代名家书画、碑帖近期(04/2014) 特别收购以下画家作品:王明明、史国良、白伯骅、冯远、范曾、杨彦、金默如等 白雪石高劍父林風眠錢慧安王福厂袁松年BAI XUESHIGAO JIANFULIN FENGMIA
SELL THAI AMULET ORIGINAL EVERY PERIOD All Authentic Price start at = 150USD. Up OR codesiqn@yahoo.com MSN