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陈亿成大师精研风水堪舆数十年,尽心尽力致力于先师传授的传统玄学理论智慧,以及风水奥秘的精华典故传释理论精髓,其中蕴藏包括风水术,阴阳五行,八字命理, 太极八卦,测算奇术 ,术数中的环境玄学,精习紫微斗数等等. 陈亿成大师在1997年拜著名起缘风水命理教授为师,不断在实践中求新求变,将古代的风水奇术观点和现代化融为一体.在2007年开创互联网旧名亿成晶品.如今改为亿成风水的创新局面,提供专业风水服务,在互联网成立统计、排列星盘推算与居家风水服务 .大师将会不断的改变与创新为您服务.善于针对您的问题给予指点,给迷惘的您指明方向,点燃你的希望,颇受頋客好评。
Master Tan comminution geomantic omen for decades, devoted to the traditional metaphysics theory enshrines imparted wisdom, and the essence of Feng Shuimystery allusion preach interpretation, which contain including theoretical essence geomanticart,Yin-yang and Five Elements, Destiny Philosophy On Eight Characters, Tai Chi Bagua, art of the number of the environmental metaphysics, fine acquisition Purple Star astrology etc. In 1997 Master Tan  worshipped the famous professor Feng Shui for division and constantly in practice innovation, he will ancient geomantic wonderful technique ideas and modern harmony . Created internet sites in 2007 which old name is YiChen JingPin, now instead YiChen FengShui, providing professional geomantic service, founded in the internet with statistical arrangement home geomantic calculation chart service. The Master Tan will continuously change and innovation better service for you. Provide comments for you base on your problem, give you direction and ignite your hope, the service is popular with customers’ high praise.


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