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“GOD, what SEXIST name they have?”

Before all of you plunge into that sort of conclusion, STOP! We want to clarify ourselves.

Sometimes, you've got to admit that females are the ultimate winners when it comes to shopping. We can't help it that we're made this way! And to further enhance the shopaholic-ness in us, we came up with the name BOYSCANTSHOP. (no offence guys, we don’t literally mean that).

These darlings we have in our collections are sourced locally, all are perhaps unique in its own way.

From the Sundae Picnic Dress to the Sexaday Chic & Fun Goddess, you can be sure we never disappoint!

Up till now, if you still caught no balls of what the hell we are trying to convey, (nope you are not a freak unless you..) head down to where the story continues…

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Bringing girls the fashion essence of every season.

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- POSB & DBS transactions
- Cash on Delivery (depending on meetup locations)

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- Postage
- Meetups (at our convenience)

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