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About us

In Y2006, Garden Home Groups acquired the trademark “ADJ” and established the ADJ Distributors. Dearly known as ADJ, its actual meaning “Adjectives”which in Mandarin , Xing Rong Zhi, literally means descriptive verb.

ADJ is an international chain business, which aims at designing and manufacturing fashionable products including fashionable wear, handbags, school bags, hanging decorations, caps, socks, accessories, t-shirts, slippers, spectacle casing all in one uniqueness. Being a famous brand name in Asian countries, ADJ was first launched in Mainland China.

In Year 2006, ADJ debuted the series named “Super Me”using a little girl holding the suckling bottle, a punky girl with big black spectacles in the pokka dots scarf, and Rock Myself Images. The designers used striking Yellow/Black or Black/White as its main theme colours bringing up the uniqueness and the exclusiveness of the products. The designers daring colour selection and cartoon image brought freshness and gave a punch to the “Cool” image. The target groups for the products are teenagers and young adults, young professional women and men ranging from 8 to 30 years old seeking neutral style, uniqueness and freshness in the market.  Punky Cool is the motto of ADJ.

ADJ provides a full range of fashionable wears with the emphasis of value for money in the mass market. We offer competitive prices and outstanding quality on our products to ensure we stay top in the market. In order to achieve the goal of staying top in the market and to fulfill the dream of becoming the largest fashion retail enterprise in Asia, ADJ set plans to invite top celebrities to promote our products, frequent innovation evolutions is also part of our strategies to be the number One in the Asia market.

Thanks to the market strategies, the company congregates numbers of top-ranking inland designers and high-level superintendents from big companies as Samsung and Toshiba. In addition, French visual design master Albert Stack was also appointed by the Head office as the Company Artist Director.













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