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Terms & Conditions
*NO dead buyers.
*If you want to cancel your orders inform me BEFORE i send in the orders.
(else no refunds wll be given)
*No payment = no order.
*DISCOUNTS may be given.
*Do not be late for meet ups.
*Meet ups any station is fine with me.
*Normal postage fee $1.50.
*Registered post will be $2 onwards.
*Postage fee will be charged.
*So might as well meet up. COMPLETLY SAFE and FREE
*^^ up to you if you want postage.
*Will not be responsible for any lost mails.
*Clear all doubts before you order.
*Colors may differ due to lighting.
*Be prepared for any unexpected delays for the arrival of goods.
*I reserve the right to close any spree depending _disibledevent="font-weight: bold">(Full refunds will be given)

Any inquiries / fast deals, mail me:
or contact me: 81833414.

Kindly visit my website at for more information.