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You could set the outlet water temperature optionally according to your need. It could heat the water to the set temperature within 8 seconds and supply the constant temperature hot water incessantly. The temperature could keep at the set temperature constantly, not need to reset even the water flux changes.

The advantage is that it could adjust the heating power automatically according to the water flux to force the outlet temperature keep still.

1. Using the actual more advanced frequency regulation technology to adjust the heating power.
2. Electronic thermostat maintains the outlet water temperature stability unanimously and eliminates the phenomenon of the heat shock.
3. With the safest and most reliable Electric leakage protection wall. The wall could achieve 100 percent security if electric leakage protection switch fails.
4. Never dry heating. It could reduce heating power automatically when the temperature exceeds the set value.
5. Easy to use, without preheating and do not have to wait. Not need to waste electricity to keep the temperature.
6. Water-saving and low power consumption, thermal efficiency is as high as 97%.