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Established in 2007, Petite Pastries specializes
in handmade angelclay miniature cakes
and pastries, from cookies to pies
and tarts! They're simply so small
that you can carry them with you
on any occasion as an earring,
charm or necklace pendant or
give them to your loved ones
on their birthdays and special occasions.
There is a cake or pie for every season!
Order them now!
Let your eyes enjoy the
sinful pleasure, no calories attached.

**Note that ALL the clay stuff
displayed in this blogstore
are ALL 100% handmade by us
Please respect our copyrights.
All our products are patented and
copyrights reserved

Unlike some other clay blogshops
,we do not import clay toys and
turn them into accessories to
sell for money as it is
unethical to use someone
else's work and to modify it