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Providing origami products as a form of leisure activities.

I've loved doing art & craft since I was a kid. All these years, I've been doing cards and crafts for my close friends and family. One day, I thought... why not get paid for doing what i love to do? So i came up with this blog... to sell my time, my expertise, my passion, to people who need some help in preparing a unique gift for their loved ones... Satisfaction and professionalism guaranteed! *** Cards, stars, hearts, puzzles, cross-stitch, special-request handicrafts ***

Here's what I have to offer!


* 3D Stars & Hearts *
$15 for 100 pieces
$75 for 512 pieces
$150 for 1,000 pieces

* Single Flat Hearts *
$20 for 100 pieces
$100 for 512 pieces

* Double Flat Hearts *
$30 for 100 pieces
$150 for 512 pieces

* Cranes *
$30 for 100 pieces
$150 for 512 pieces


* Jigsaw Puzzle *
$100 for 500 pieces puzzle
$200 for 1,000 pieces puzzle

* Cross Stitch *
Range $50 to $500
Precious Moments pictures available for selection. Varies from single letter with animal, to full picture like "Love One Another". Email me to view pictures. Also feel free to provide me with cross-stitch pictures you have.

* Cards * (blank inside)
$3 for simple design (A5 size when open)
$5 for complicated design (A5 size when open)
(Price doubles for A4 size)

* Ad hoc *
Challenge me with a handicraft that you would like me to do, but is not listed above!

Taken your pick? Email me at with your name, msn, contact number, choice of handicraft, occassion of gift, choice of material and choice of payment. I will contact you to find out more about the gift receiver, to ensure some form of personalization. =)

I pledge to donate 20% of all proceeds to SPCA to do my part for animal welfare in Singapore.

Note: All prices stated above excludes cost of materials (except for cards). Materials can be either provided by yourself, or chosen and purchased by me. Cost of materials and frames, bottles, etc must be paid upfront. There is a minimum purchase of $10.

Payment: Payment for cost of materials and 50% of the cost of service must be made before work commences, through a personal meeting or via bank transfer. The remaining 50% of the cost of service will be made after job completion.

Guarantee Policy: If you are not satisfied with the end product, 80% of the cost of service will be refunded to you, and I will retain the unsatisfactory product.