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Mdm Tang is a pioneer in World Trade Centre Artists' Corridor.A graduate of the Nanyang Fine Arts Academy, she is an expert with various art, music and handicraft skills.

Mdm had been clinching awarards since her teens. Her accomplishments include awards given by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board and Prizes won in international competitions. One of her works came in 2nd priaze in the design for the prestigious 1972 Olympic logo. Madam Tang is currently an instructress at Race Arts & Crafts.

Madam Tang had been doing her art and craft demostration often at overseas regularly.

Event Experiences

> Art & Crafts
Wire Craft
. Balloon Sculpture
. Bead Crafts
. Clog Making
. Clay Making
. Ribbon Weaving

> Chinese Traditional Art
Chinese Caligraphy
. Chinese Paper Cutting
Chinese Dough Figurine
. Chinese Lantern Making
. Chinese Mask Painting
. Chinese Knittings
. Chinese Painting
. Chinese Finger Painting

> Paper Arts
. Paper Folding
. 3D Paper Folding
. Origami
. Flower Making

> Dolls Making
. Washi Dolls
Soft Toys
. Paper Dolls
. Glores Dolls

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